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Choosing a property management company to manage your properties is a crucial decision that profoundly affects the return on your real estate investment. Whether you are a home-owner that is considering being a landlord for the first time, or a seasoned investor with many properties on your roster, Mid South Best Rentals insures quality management at an affordable rate.


Just a few of the ways we are notably different than our competition:


We Kiss More frogs!

Unlike the other guys, we do not pass on the cost of any credit check or background check to the applicant OR to the property owner! This means that we process the maximum number of applicants possible for any given property so that we select the absolute best tenant for your home. A quality tenant means less wear and tear on your investment and fewer turnovers, a fundamental part of making your investment perform at its best.


In-House Contractors

We have a dedicated full-time staff of maintenance professionals with the knowledge to save you money and do the job right. When your property does require a repair, Mid South Best Rentals is often able to complete that repair in-house when other Memphis property management companies would call in expensive outside repair services, increasing your cost.


Communication and availability

We are always available to you for any questions and concerns you may have. We provide detailed reports on your investment along with collected rents on the 15th, and pride ourselves on service and communication. Come check out our unparalleled service today!

*Mid South Best Rentals Property Management was formerly Absolute Property Management.